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Sounds of my life =)

1. Opening Credits: Negative – Moment Of Our Love
2. Waking Up: Linkin Park – Over the top
3. First Day At School: Die Ärzte – Breit xD
4. Falling In Love: 4Lyn - LYN
5. Fight Song: HIM – Venus (In Our Blood)
6. Breaking Up: Oomph! – Nichts ist kälter als deine Liebe
7. Prom: Rammstein – Bück dich (ohje xD)
8. Life: CKY – Attached at the hip
9. Mental Breakdown: Within Temptation - Bittersweet
10. Driving Far Away: Seed – Wir sind Seed
11.Flashback: L’âme Immortelle - 21. Februar
12. Wedding: Die Toten Hosen – Kein Alkohol (ist auch keine Lösung) muahahaha xD
13. Birth of Child: Bushido - Alles verloren (ohman -.-)
14. Final Battle: HIM – In Joy and Sorrow
15. Death Scene: Death Cab for Cutie – I will follow you into the dark
16. Funeral Song: Rammstein - Engel
17. End Credit: Maj Karma – Kokki, Varas, Vaimo Rakastaja (oke, versteht jez hier wohl fast niemand)
You are also known as: Staubkind – Engel des Todes (haha, das is lustig)
Your parents REAL wedding song: KoRn – Did my time
Your funeral song:  Nightwish – Over the hills and far away
What you think of the world: Blink-182 - Always
How you're feeling today: 12 Stones - Photograph
The song that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end: Daniel Lioneye – Lonely Road
Your significant other sings this to you:  Kings of Leon – California Waiting
Your theme song at your funeral: Oomph! – Das weiße Licht
You should create this song title as a screen name: The Killers – When you were young
You would get on your knees and sing this to your best friend: My Chemical Romance – Cemetry Drive
The result of your breakup: Hinder - Shoulda
How to resolve a fight: Nightwish - Crownless
On your first date, this would be playing in the background: Sugarcult – How does it feel?
Get down to:   Sugarcult – Saying Goodbye
Headbang to this tune:  The Distillers – City of Angels
Song of escape: Amber Pacific - Save me from me (okay… o.O)
Uh oh, you failed an assignment. This song pops into your head: The Bloodhound Gang – I’m the least you could do
Picture this song as an opera: TipTop – Tip Top (omg xD, tip top, das ist intressant, keiner hats gekannt und wir sind ganz aufgedreht)
What happens when you find true love: Simple Plan – Happy Together
You might say this sums up how lame celebrities are:   Sister Hazel – Your Winter
Look! It's Spiderman! Play that dramatic music!:  Lordi – Get Heavy
This morning when you looked in the mirror this is what happened: Oasis – She’s electric
The song that REALLY gets your adrenaline rushin' is:  Misfits - Helena
You truly, madly hate this song:  Staphan Massimo – On my mind (Ich liebe dieses Lied!!!!!)
But when you're depressed, this one makes it all better: My Chemical Romance – The Sharpest Lives
What about that one time where you felt really super hyper?: Ganz schön Fesit – Gänseblümchen (xD Uli?!?! Zufall?!)
The definition of reality television:  Evanescence – The only one
You can sing this to the top of your lungs without missing a note!:   Nirvana – About a giirl J
Sometimes, you hate the world. Your teenage angst theme: Gil Ofarim – My Way xD
Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it with this tune: Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love
Wouldn't this sound cool instrumentally?: Revolverheld - Roboter
Ugh, boyfriend issues again. What helps you get through?: Glasseater – Falling Apart
Your marriage theme: Coheed and Cambria – A Favour House Atlantic
Oh noes, then the divorce: Blink-182 – Here’s Your Letter  :P
Aaw, prom is here! Dance to this: Lifehouse – Hanging by a moment
Then there's summer vacation, here's a little summer jam to go with it: Nightwish – Wight Night Fantasy 
Drama, drama, drama. This sums it up: Coheed and Cambria – Always and Never
In all reality, you know this is how you feel about life: Finch – Post Script
You're off to college, what happens the first day?:  L’âme Immortelle – 5 Jahre
You're in a fairy tale, better bust out that wacky musical song:  Sportfreunde Stiller – Dem Fritz sein Wetter
Your overall life theme song is: In Extremo & Tanzwut – Freude schöner Götterfunken (echt nich&hellip
Joar.. wer will kann Stöckchen mitnehmen, viel spaß xD
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